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Overboard in a Storm

My mother used to say, “I’m going to leave you now. That’s more than the devil will do!”

How true!

To my dear friend who thought you were at your worst low only to face another surprise onslaught, hold on to Jesus. He loves you. He is there when the darkness is smothering you. His arms circle you and His Spirit still whispers, “You are mine”. Keep praying…keep trusting…keep expecting!

There is power in a prayer that doesn’t quit. We have authority beyond our realization. We have hope in the very middle of the tempest. Why?

Because God is there...

I was eleven and my parents and I were on a small freighter in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean en route to West Africa. The storm was so fierce the captain later told us he was concerned that the ship may not make it. As the boat rocked so did our trunks in our cabins – from one side of the room to the other.

We were the only passengers not seasick so one afternoon we went out on deck. My parents were relaxing with their feet up. I dropped my candy wrapper and stood up to get it when a huge wave hit and we lurched to the side. I was on my back rapidly sliding towards the space under the lifeboat that had no railing. There was no hope because my parents were both to my left and there was no time for them to get out of their deck chairs.

But God was there….

In a split second Mom and Dad were on either side of me with their chairs making a V around me. I was safe because of something only God could have done! (By the way, our family was confined to the passenger quarters for the rest of the storm.)