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Healing Testimony - Part 2

“During the course I learned some life-altering things I want to share with you

The first is that when I would experience painful or hurtful things, I would retreat back to God in fear. Now instead of retreating, I have learned to move forcefully into situations with the strength of God.

Another thing was a huge lie from the enemy that has pounded me for most of my life. That was that I was unlovable. I believed that so I would sabotage situations in order to protect myself from getting hurt. I have never felt love. That was something that was missing in my life and one of my strongest desires…

I wanted to know what it feels like to be loved!

It was also revealed to me that I actually had issues with God and that I was having a hard time trusting Him again. And so He has been helping me to understand Him more. He is restoring my trust and faith in Him to new and soaring levels.

Near the end of the course, I had fallen so deeply in love with my Lord and was spending so much time with Him that I wanted to give back. Throughout the Old Testament it talks about cleansing and purification with frankincense, myrrh, and hyssop. I have those oils at home and I anointed myself with them. I felt the power of God … and asked God to sanctify my temple (my heart) as I dedicated it back to Him as a place for His Holy Spirit to dwell.

Spiritually, I totally gutted the place. Walls came down. Now all new wiring is being installed so that my way of thinking, discerning, and understanding situations is completely changing. New lighting is being installed so that any intrusion or defect can be dealt with quickly. We’re installing a new sound system so I can hear His voice loudly and clearly and can eliminate any static and interference that is not of Him.

As far as being lovable, that is a big lie! He loves me! Jesus is the love of my life. He is my Soulmate. He completes me!

It took me giving in...opening up...trusting Him to get to this place.

Victory’s Journey was long…hard…and so worth my time. It was a journey of a lifetime!

If you are struggling with the past, if you feel you cannot move forward, if you are dealing with unbearable emotional pain, then I strongly recommend Victory’s Journey. It’s private and it’s healing. I have changed so much and come so far the people in my small group are stunned.

And so I thank God for my leaders, Pam and Cloann, for their willingness to serve and all the hard work and dedication they put into this.

God bless you!”

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