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A recent testimony...

Here’s a testimony from a gal that just completed her “Victory’s Journey” program:

“When I arrived here at Faith Community ”Hospital” I was a basket case, spiritually speaking. Pastor Laverne helped me through some of my darkest hours, and hardest decisions of my life. I truly believed that when those harder-than-life decisions were made, and executed, it was done.

I was healed…ready to begin a new chapter in my life.

Shortly after, I’m going along happy in my new life and my dear friend in Israel happened to post on facebook a prophetic word from the Lord by Marsha Burns:

I have opened up a path before you that will enable you to maneuver through hindrances and difficulties you have endured for quite some time. You will be able to experience a new level of freedom that has been almost impossible to attain. You cannot do this on your own, but with My help and guidance you will now be able to move on.’

Very exciting! God speaking to me! All the fear, hurts, and tears behind me…I am good!! Moving on!!!

I showed the text to Pastor Laverne and she knocked me right off my track! Saying to me, “Maybe God wants you to do Victory’s Journey.”

I replied, “Clearly, we are not on the same page!”

To me that meant going back…drudging up the past all over again! I wasn’t going to do that again! She just looked up at me with that smile and then… Fine!! Ugh!!

That was my attitude going in.

I met with the two leaders with my attitude in tow. I let them know during my interview…yes, interview, really?! I let them know that I don’t like women, I don’t do women’s groups, I don’t trust women and I will not be opening up and sharing!

Well, at first I shared some past experiences to help and encourage the others to open up, but, as for myself, I wasn’t taking it seriously.

One night I was telling one of my friends, Dawn, about the Victory’s Journey program and its content. Now Dawn is all about women’s groups and women’s Bible studies. She told me I should take the course seriously and run with it.

So I did…and God started talking to me. Let me rephrase that…I started listening!

I began to open up. I began to trust these women. I went back to the beginning and read every lesson and every Scripture reference. I got caught up on all my homework. The more I delved in the more I discovered! It became crazy amazing all the things God was doing with me!

He was speaking to me and teaching me so much it was freaking me out!

During the course I learned some life-altering things that I want to share with you…”

Why did she find so much healing? Because she did the work! I believe that God has put this program together and when someone does their part God does His.

I want to encourage you. God has more for you than you can begin to imagine! Get serious with Him and find out what that is!!!

You won’t want to miss the life-altering truths! I will give you the rest of her testimony next time:)

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