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Making Negatives into Positives

In Aglow International’s Bible Study, Game Changers, Graham Cooke says,

Your emotions are often times a clue to your identity and calling…In every person or situation, there is a fruit of the Spirit available to you that makes you turn that situation into something wonderful.

James 1:2 (NLT) says, Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.

God does not allow us to face a difficult situation without a divine intention. The big question is always about our reactions. Will we be in the flesh or will we be in the Spirit allowing the Fruit of the Spirit (the character of Jesus) to shine?

When we feel a reaction stirring within us it is time to do some self-examination – maybe even some journaling! Know what triggers your emotions and why. In Victory’s Journey and Moving On our motto is “Look and Live”! If we want to grow more like Jesus, we must look at those things that hold us back. We must face our fears and our negative emotions and release them to God. Then we can live the abundant life Jesus promised in John 10:10.

And after we have faced and released our negative reactions, we must replace the negative with God’s positives. Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to produce His fruit in us! If we feel sad, let’s act in His joy. If the emotion that we are struggling with is fear let us move in God’s peace. It is a new outlook, and a good one.

Yielding our emotions to the Holy Spirit frees Him to mold us in preparation for the calling He has for us. As we enjoy the Presence of Jesus, He will help us make the changes and we will see the good life that is His gift to us!

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