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Books & Curriculums


Victory Journey Leader's Manual

Victory's Journey for women is a small group ministry that reaches deep into the heart to bring hope, healing, and new beginnings.  As a leader, you can help God’s children step into the open door of His grace!



Moving On Workbook

Work through each step of your journey with your own workbook that goes with the Moving On Leader's Manual.



Victory's Journey Workbook

Work through each step of Victory's Journey with your own workbook that goes with the Victory's Journey Manual. 



The Moses Manual

Whether you are a leader or seeking to grow as a follower of Christ this book is for you!


Have you ever made a mistake so big it cost you a trek into the wilderness? And, then, just as you thought you had nothing left to give, God calls your name! What do you say when the Great I Am summons you to an impossible task? If you are a Moses you may argue a bit, but what can be more exciting than a journey with God to the Promised Land!



Moving On Leader's Manual

A Men’s Small Group Curriculum challenging men to move past their anger, regrets, failures, addictions, broken relationships, and past traumas. Providing both encouragement and accountability, this resource will help the men in your church move beyond the past and into their God-ordained present and future. Men, it’s time to Move On!


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